Our Organization Would Like to Help!

Does your organization or group want to help with Hurricane Ian recovery? The Greater Pine Island Alliance maintains a list of volunteer groups that are willing to help with recovery on Pine Island. If your organization would like to help, please fill out this form to share information about your group, skills and the volunteer tasks you’d be willing to perform and we will match you with an opportunity to serve!

  • Please note: If you are an INDIVIDUAL interested in volunteering, please click here.
Can you receive text messages at this number? *
What kind of experience do members of your group have? (Please check all that apply.)
What volunteer activities would your group be willing to perform? (Please check all that apply)
Do any of your group members hold any of the following Florida licenses? (Please select all that apply.)
Will your group bring your own tools (enough for all members)? *
Can your group provide any materials? (Drywall, paint, lumber and the like.) *
Does your group need volunteer housing? *